paperback version available

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I for one, still prefer having an actual book in my hands over an ebook, so I’m very proud to let you all know that the paperback version of Dinner at Dawn is now available on Amazon!

Hard at work

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While I’m typing away, my cat is taking it all in stride and decided to get some shut eye for the both of us. Way to keep me motivated Kiba!


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Hello everyone, I always get asked where my inspiration for the Himura┬áSaga comes from, and it’s kind of hard to explain, as there is not one source. Everything┬áinspires me, artwork, music, movies/books, even historic articles can spark my inspiration and … Continued

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ssssshhhhtt, you haven’t heard this from me, but a little hummingbird told me that there is a sale coming up for the ebook version of Dinner at Dawn pretty soon to celebrate its... READ MORE