The Himura Saga

Welcome to the world of the rich and powerful. They have it all, the looks, the money and the power that comes with it. Oh, and a compelling appetite for blood. The Royal Himura Clan is one of the most powerful Methuselah, or vampire, Clans in the world. Supported by their Makhai protectors, the Powerful Fujiwara Clan, they have carved out their rightful place in the world. But power comes at a price—especially in the Methuselan world—and nothing is off limits; Intrigues, war and assassinations is just part of their daily lives. When street rat Silas is changed into a vampire and adopted into the fold, he had no idea what he was getting himself into.

“It’ll be fine,” he said.  
  “It’s not so bad,” he said.
Well, he’s wrong.  Immortality sucks.

The first novel, Dinner at Dawn follows the footsteps of a young Silas who struggles to keep himself upright in the dazzling, yet frightening world of vampires. In Breakfast at Dusk, the second novel in the Himura Saga, Silas’ loyalties are torn and newfound relationships become strained. Once the shine of immortality has worn off, will it still be worth the price?

Lunch at Midnight is told from Remy and Raenef’s perspective and follows them on their struggle to overcome Remy’s past. 

Snacks at Sunrise continues where Lunch at Midnight stops. As the pressure increases, trust and loyalties are tested and the lines of right and wrong becomes blurred. Can their bonds survive this maelstrom? Taking them on a rollercoaster ride from the Bayous of New Orleans to the Land of the Rising sun, Snacks at Sunrise will assure a thrilling ride.

A few years after the happenings in Snacks at Sunrise, Remy has come a long way. With each new change, he adapted, until he no longer recognizes himself in the mirror anymore. In Tea at Twilight, Remy leaves the safe cocoon that is Raenef and ventures out on his own to find himself—with no money, no assistance, and no contact. Being embroiled in a life-threatening predicament is nothing new for this Clan, but every relationship has its breaking point…

Last meal at First light revolves around Shinta, the happy-go-lucky young vampire we came to know as Silas’ personal Makhai. But there is more to his smile than meets the eye. Raised as an assassin, in a Clan where emotions are a weakness that needs to be eradicated there was no place to be a child. In Last meal at First light, we learn the story behind the smile. And it wasn’t always pretty. His story takes us back to ancient China and the early days of Modern Japan where he tries to shake off a past that haunts him, yet tries to lure him back in at the same time. The techniques that were ingrained into him were both a curse and a blessing. We follow him through the years until the story catches up with the main storyline, but told from Shinta’s perspective. This book reads perfectly as a stand-alone as well.

Christmas Cookies is a cozy Christmas side novella and can be read as a stand-alone.