The Himura Saga

Welcome to the world of the rich and powerful. They have it all, the looks, the money and the power that comes with it. Oh, and a compelling appetite for blood. The Royal Himura Clan is one of the most powerful vampire Clans in the world. Supported by their Makhai protectors, the Powerful Fujiwara Clan, they have carved out their rightful place in the world. But power comes at a price, especially in the vampire world, and nothing is off limits. Intrigues, war and assassinations is just part of their daily lifes. When street rat Silas is changed into a vampire and adopted into the fold, he had no idea what he was getting himself into.

The first novel, Dinner at Dawn follows the footsteps of a young Silas who struggles to keep him self upright in the dazzling, yet frighting world full of vampires. A world that had been there all along, only being human, he had no clue about. Loyalties torn between his past mortal life and his new immortal one he is in for one hell of a ride. Once the shine of immortality as worn off, will it still be worth the price?