—–  Book two in the Himura Saga —–

How to love your killer…

Silas is having a hard go of his new life as a vampire. Throw in the horror of his best friend going missing and you’ve got one moody, broody fledgling.  The brunt of his blame and anger is unduly targeted at his delectably handsome Master. But how far can he drive the wedge between their bond without the risk of losing him completely?

Eclipse might not have a pulse anymore, but every part of him comes alive in the presence of his fledgling. He knows Silas is hurting and tries to be patient with him, but each time the boy throws his blame and anger at him, it’s like a stake to his deadened heart. As painful as it will be for him to do, Eclipse fears the only way to make Silas happy, is to set him free.

When war erupts and the Himura Clan is called forth to fight, an enemy soldier saves instead of slays—a risky act that gains him the appreciation of the Clan. A foe has become a friend.

But after the battle is won and a revelation is made, Silas just might have the biggest victory of all.

Breakfast at Dusk is the second novel in the Himura Saga by Mariska Slieker. 

  • Genres:     Male/male Paranormal romance, urban fantasy,                                  vampires
  • Formats:    Paperback l 353 pages                                                                              Ebook, also available in Kindle Unlimited
  • ISBN:           9781078284813
  • ASIN:           B07TTT9WJV
  • Language: English

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