“Oy, Bastard, we’ve been asked to do an interview. They want to know how old you are,” Silas said with a grin.

Eclipse looked up from the report he was reading. “Who wants to know? And really, my age is the first thing they asked about?” he asked skeptically, knowing his fledgling.

“Who cares who wants to know? It’ll be fun, come on!”

“Fine. What’s the question?” Eclipse acquiesced, knowing it would be easier and faster to go along with his fledgling once he’s got his mind set on something.

“Hmm, let’s see. Tell us about your family,” Silas read out loud.

“We’re rich and from Asia. Next.”

“Couillon! You said you’d take it seriously!”

“I never said that. Besides, why is this important to you?”

“Because… You’re ancient! There’s so much I don’t know about you.”

Eclipse rolled his eyes. “Insulting me will not make me eager to appease your curiosity,” he pointed out. “But fine, I’ll amuse you. We come from a large Clan. Both our parents were, and when they united—”

“—You mean married?”

“—Potahto, potato. Anyway, the Himura Clan became one of the largest and most powerful Royal Clan. We grew up mainly on the estate in Japan, but also spend a considerable amount of time in China. Feilon grew up as our brother and the three of us spend most of our time together. Seeing we were of Royal blood, it meant we were groomed to be the heirs of the Clan. It was hard work, but our parents were good people, who had created a warm home for us to grew up in. Once the war came, our mother and Feilon’s mother took us and fled to the Amerika’s. We’ve settled here, and now it’s our permanent residence.”

“What about your father?” Silas asked.

“He died while providing us cover. As did Feilon’s father.”

Silas was quiet for a while, letting the news sink in.


“Your turn,” Eclipse said.


“If I’m doing this, so will you. Come on, it’s fun!” he said throwing Silas’ own words against him.

Silas grinned but hauled his shoulders. “Not much to tell. Remy found me under a bridge and raised me as his brother.”

“Surely there’s more to it? Did you never tried to look for your parents?”

“I didn’t, but Remy tried when he found me. He checked all police stations and other places if there were any children reported missing, or accidents had taken place. He even asked around if anyone had seen anything, but nothing turned up. I guess whoever dumped me there didn’t care enough to make sure I even survived.”

Eclipse drew his fledgling near, hugging him.


“Okay, next question,” Silas said, not wanting to dwell on these old feelings, but did stay in the vampire’s lap. “Why did you chose the career you have?”

“Money. Next.”

Silas looked up. “Only money? You’re filthy rich, you can quit and never need to work again.”

“Not when there’s a whole Clan depending in that income,” Eclipse pointed out. “And fledgling’s to keep satisfied,” he added teasingly.

Silas punched him. “Connard!”

Eclipse laughed. “Don’t get me wrong, I love my work. It keeps us busy and it provides a challenge. I think I would be bored into a doll by now if I didn’t have something to keep my mind occupied. And it feels good to know that the money we make brings security for not only the Clan but for all the people that work for us. Their families won’t need to worry about housing, or having food on the table; Their children can get an education and increase their chances in life. I like that notion.”

“Don’t make it sound all philanthropic, you’re simply a workaholic that needs his fix.”

Eclipse laughed. “Okay, you got me. I do love it.”

“What about you? What kind of career would you like to hold one day?” Eclipse asked in return. “You can’t always be a freeloader in our house.”

Silas smile fell a little. “I don’t know… I mean, I’m not as smart as you are. And the idea of being cooped up in an office wearing a suit all day makes me claustrophobic merely thinking about it. But I guess, if I could choose anything I want, I might like to do something with music.”

“You’re not dumb. Okay, you’re not a rocket scientist either, but you’re smart in different ways. And what’s more important, you have tenacity. That’s one of the best skills to possess.”

“Tenacity? Me?”

“I’m doing your stupid interview, aren’t I?” Eclipse pointed out.

“That’s because you’re hoping to get sex out of it.”

Eclipse shrugged. “True, ah, see, another skill you have, negotiating!”

Silas rolled his eyes. “Connard.”


“Okay, hmm, let’s see, ah, this one. What scares you?” Silas said, checking his list.

“Losing my loved ones, or seeing them get hurt,” Eclipse said without having to think about it.

“Okay, that was an easy one I guess. How about this one then, What do you like to do in your spare time?”

“Spend time with my loved ones.”

“Huh, and here I was sure you were going to say ‘sex’,” Silas said a little surprised.

“I thought I’d phrase it in a nicer, more family-friendly way.”

Silas rolled his eyes.

“Do you believe in God?” Silas read on.

Eclipse blinked at the sudden topic change but shook his head. “No.”

Silas looked up in surprise? “You don’t? Then what do you believe in?”


Silas scowled. “You arrogant Bastard! You’re not a God!”

Eclipse laughed. “Not like that. I mean I don’t believe in a higher power. I’m convinced we all make our own choices, our own future. No higher entity has anything to do with that. If you want something, don’t pray to a God, work for it.”

“Hmm, ooookaay. Clearly, you’re not from NOLA.”

“You do believe in God, don’t you?” Eclipse asked. He was aware his fledgling was pretty religious if not when it suited him.

“Of course. I mean, there’s got to be something out there, right? I’m not sure if there is only one God, or like multiple Loa. But it’s safer to believe and pray than not, only to die, only to realize there is a God when you’re facing the Loa of Death. Besides, I kinda like the idea that things happen for a reason.”

“You can always worship me. Kiss the ground I walk on, pray to yo—Ouch,”

“Arrogant, megalomanic Bastard!” Silas huffed, but couldn’t hide his smile. If there was one thing he loved about the older vampire, it was his humor, and how it could always make him smile again, no matter how bad he felt.


“Let’s see what more do we have… hmm.. boring… boring… meh.. oh this one is okay, I guess. Would you like to start a family?”

“Yes. I love children. I would love a whole bunch of them running around,” Eclipse said, a sentimental smile on his handsome features.

Silas looked a bit surprised. He knew his Master liked children. It had been quite a shock when he saw the big bad vampire playing with his cousins for the first time, letting himself be used as a horse and monkey bars. The vampire had even sat still for hours as they braided his hair into knots. But he had never pictured his Master with a family of his own, and he wasn’t sure he liked the mental picture. Because where would that leave him? The sex was great, but it wouldn’t provide him with the children he’d wanted.

“Why don’t you have one yet?” Silas asked softly.

“As much as I would love to have children, I’m not so keen on getting a wife,” Eclipse said with a scowl.

“But you like women as well.”

“To have sex with, sure. But marriage? You still have this romantic human image of it in your head, but for Methuselah, marriage is a political thing. It’s a merging of two Clans, not two people who love each other.”

“What about Feilon and Mei Lin? They seem happy,” Silas pointed out.

“True, they are. But that’s a rare thing. It’s like putting two random people together and hope they fall in love. The chances of that happening, aren’t too great. And the higher up the hierarchy you are, the more complicated it gets. But alas, eventually I’ll have to settle down with someone, but there’s still time.”

“What about me then?” Silas asked suddenly feeling insecure and very small.

Eclipse raised his eyebrow. “What do you mean? You do know I can’t marry my own fledgling, right? Not to mention you’re a man. We may not have a problem with same-sex relationships, but marriage is for procreating purposes, so yeah, no same-sex marriages.”

“I know that, couillon! I mean, what happens to me when you do get married?”

“Oh,” Eclipse said finally catching on. “That depends, if you’re still nice and tight, I might just keep you around.”

Silas punched him. “I’m serious!”

Eclipse stopped laughing when he saw his fledgling was serious. He pulled his fledgling closer to him, nuzzling his neck. “You’re my fledgling, you will always be my number one. No wife will change that. You’re lucky you’re mine though. Wives aren’t always that lucky. They are equals in marriage, but they will be forced to give up their fledgling’s to their husbands. At least formally,” Eclipse explained. “Take Feilon for instance, he got to keep Toshi all to himself, but Shinta was officially given to Feilon as a dowry. Unofficially though, Feilon left things as they were, meaning Shinta technically has two Masters. But that’s only because of Feilon’s leniency. It doesn’t always go like that in Clans. But seeing you are mine, you don’t have to worry about such things.”


“Promise. Now, what else is on that list of yours?”

“Hmm let me see…”


“Hey what are you guys doing?” Raenef asked stepping into the room.

“We’re doing this interview, you want to join?” Silas asked.

“No thank you, I’m busy at the moment,” Raenef said before making himself scarce.

Eclipse had picked up the notebook Silas had used to write down the answers. “Silas? What the fuck?”

“What?” Silas asked all innocent.

“Question: Describe your family. Answer: Silas is all the family I need. Question: Why did you choose the career you did? Answer: So I can provide for my dear fledgling Silas and give him everything his lovely heart desires. Question: Would you like to start a family? Answer: Silas is all the family I need…. Do I need to go on? If you already decided on the answers, why the hell did you even ask them?!” Eclipse said exasperated.

“Well, I couldn’t write every word down, I had to summarize.”

“You little brat! Who’s the arrogant one now, hm?”

Silas smiled demurely, looking at his hands. “You are right, Master. Do forgive my impertinence, I’m a bad, bad boy who needs to be punished.”

Eclipse rolled his eyes before slinging his fledgling over his shoulder like a bag of potatoes. “Oh, I will put you in your place alright. Right underneath me, legs wrapped around my waist, moaning in bliss and begging for more.”