—–  Book one in the Himura Saga —–

Immortality sucks.

Life for Silas can be summed up in four words: Broke. Homeless. Hungry. Trash.

One stolen wallet at a time is how Silas and his best friend Remy manage to survive each day. A desperate hunt for food ends with a death sentence by a group of violent thugs. On the brink of unconsciousness, death shows up in the flesh. And holy hell, who knew death was so damn hot?

Rich, powerful, and undead, Eclipse has everything he could ever wish for and more. When a redirected flight leaves him wandering the streets of New Orleans, he finds himself looming over the near-lifeless body of a mouthy street urchin, and against his better judgment makes a decision that may just come back and bite him in the ass.

Waking up to a new life in a new world with a new kind of hunger is bittersweet for Silas. He’s surrounded by wealth and power, but none of it feels right without Remy.

Forced to choose between his childhood friend and his hot-as-sin Master, will his dream of having a family come at too high a price?

Like your gay romance witty and your vampires steamy? You’ll love Dinner at Dawn, the first in the Himura Saga by Mariska Slieker!

Warning! You might have stumbled onto your next reading fix. The author will not be held accountable for hours spent reading while neglecting other responsibilities! Otherwise, scroll down and click Shop Now to find out what happens when street urchins and vampires meet.

  • Genres:     Male/male Paranormal romance, urban fantasy,                                  vampires
  • Formats:    Paperback l 324 pages                                                                                     Ebook
  • ISBN:           9781090416308
  • ASIN:           B07NHK827F
  • Language: English

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