—–  Book one in the Himura Saga —–

Immortality sucks.

Eclipse has everything he could wish for, yet when he meets a little street urchin with a big mouth on the verge of death, he can’t help but be intrigued

When street rat Silas finds himself in over his head and in dire need of rescue, he didn’t expect it to turn up in the shape of a sexy vampire.

Waking up in an unfamiliar room he learns he’s dead, far from home and that vampires are very real. As Eclipse’s fledgling, he not only needs to acquire a taste for blood, he also needs to navigate his Master’s treacherous world of wealth and power. Not to mention his growing attraction for this dangerous vampire.

Forced to choose between his childhood friend and his Master, will his dream of having a family come at too high a price?

If you like male/male Paranormal romance, urban fantasy, witty humor, and steamy vampires, don’t miss Dinner at Dawn, the first in the Himura Saga by Mariska Slieker!

  • Genres:     Male/male Paranormal romance, urban fantasy,                                  vampires
  • Formats:    Paperback l 232 pages                                                                                     Ebook
  • ISBN:           9781090416308
  • ASIN:           B07NHK827F
  • Language: English

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