This scene is the scene in Dinner at Dawn, where Silas and Eclipse meet for the first time. Silas had just been attacked and is dying in the gutter when Eclipse stumbles upon him. 
Originally the scene was written from Silas’ perspective and later changed to that of Eclipse’s. This is the original scene. Mind you, this is unedited! 

“You think that’s funny?” An amused voice asked him. 

Silas looked up and only then became aware of the tall figure that almost seemed to glide over to him. Only when the figure had crouched before him, did Silas realize it was a man. Yet there was something off about him; His eyes had just enough red in them to give of an unnatural feeling, and as for his face, it was just too perfect to pass for human. But it wasn’t until this beautiful stranger licked clean his way too sharp and pointy canines that Silas realized just what his ‘hero’ was. 

“You’re a vampire?” Silas stated simply while a coughing fit doubled him over and had him coughing up even more blood. 

“And you should stop talking.” The man said.

Silas giggled again, making the man in front of him cock his head to the side a little and frown.

“You are aware of the fact that you are dying aren’t you?” The stranger asked his voice slightly amused.

“So? You’re going to do the job for them?” Silas sneered. He really should stop talking though, he realized when another coughing fit hit him.

“Why would I?  It seems to me, these toddlers already did quite a pretty good job of it, haven’t they?” 

“So are you just here to gloat then? You’re a sucky hero you know that, you came too late.”

“You just saw me kill off at least a dozen armed ruffians, and yet you dare to ridicule me? How very peculiar.” 

“Yeah well, I’m not scared easily.” 

“So I see.” 

“Are you just going to sit here and watch me die?”

“Would you prefer me to leave? I have no problem with that. You just amused me, that’s all.” 

“Good to see my death amuses you so.”  Silas was getting pissed at the bastard. What the hell did he want from him? Sure he may have killed his earlier attackers, but other than that he had done little to nothing to help him, or even make him more comfortable. Was he a vulture, waiting for him to die so he could drain whatever there was left of his blood? Then again, why would he wait with that until he died?

The vampire chuckled. “It’s not your death that amuses me, it’s you. Your lungs are filling up with your own blood, your heart is frantically yet unsuccessfully pumping what little is left of your precious blood through your body while the rest of it is just wasting away into the gutter, and yet here you are, mouthing off to someone who you know to have an appetite for blood. Now that does amuse me.”  

“If I amuse you so, then why don’t you turn me into a vampire?” Silas said smug, trying to rile the vampire.

“If I were to do so, you would be my eternal slave. You would have to obey my every command.” The vampire said leeringly. 

“And here I thought you liked me mouthing you off.”

A small chuckle. “I do, but why would I make a slave out of you just to hear you talk back at me?”

Feeling life quickly slipping away from him, Silas realized that he really wasn’t ready to leave this world behind him just yet, and if this bastard could make him immortal, well, he just had to convince him. “Please..I… I just really don’t want to die…” Silas pleaded. This seemed to throw the vampire off balance for a moment as he merely stared at Silas incredulous. 

“You are serious.” 

Silas stayed quiet, suddenly unable to look the vampire into his eyes. 

“Well, you are clearly delirious.” The vampire brushed his question off. “There is no way any person in their right mind would want to become a living dead.” 

“Getting to live forever doesn’t sound like such a bad thing at the moment.” 

A forced smile. “That only seems that way to you now. Take it from someone who has seen many changelings; you won’t like it. Now be quiet and just die already.” 

“I could make it worth your while.” 

“Stop it, it’s not going to happen.” 

“Then leave already, it’s like you’re dangling this tasty bread in my face, yet won’t give me a crumb of it to eat! I’ve been around too many bastards like that, so can’t you just at least let me die in peace!”

A strange look came into The Bastard’s eye and for a second Silas thought he’d managed to piss him off.

“You will come to loathe me if I would change you.” 

Silas pulled together the last of his energy to look up at the man in front of him at the heart-rendering sadness and sincerity in the man’s voice, and he realized this man wasn’t like all the other bastards after all. He could barely keep himself conscious anymore yet he suddenly felt the compelling need to reassure this stranger.

 “I won’t. You’re nice…” Silas choked out.

“What’s your name little one?”

“Silas…” He could feel the man’s soft breath on his hair, his fingers stroking his quickly numbing face as the man pulled him into his arms. As he took one last breath, he looked pleadingly up at the man’s face. 

Remy had always told him that one day his big mouth would be the death of him, and it seemed he was right.



Another scene from right after Silas wakes up in the Himura Mansion.

“Oh, I would have remembered you for sure” Silas scoffed. But it was not a complete truth. The man did seem familiar in a way. He was just not going to admit that to this bastard. 

“Oh, are you that smitten with what you see?” the man said haughtily.

‘Snobbish Bastard’  “No, I would have remembered the smell of your money.” Silas shot back aloud.

This time the man laughed out loud. “One might think you wouldn’t have a clue of how money would smell.” 

‘Belittling, Snobbish Bastard’ “Like I would want to be a rich snob like you!”