—–  Book three in the Himura Saga —–

The riskiest but sweetest mistake he’s ever made…

Making rash decisions goes against every bit of who Raenef is.

Logical, calm, calculated? That he is. Impulsive, brash, spontaneous? That he is not.  Taking in a fledging that doesn’t belong to him? Probably not the best move. Invoking the wrath of the ruling Vampire government? Also not part of Raenef’s plans.  Blame the boy’s captivating red eyes and alluring shyness for impairing Raenef’s judgment, but only time will tell if this will be the dumbest mistake he’s ever made, or the most rewarding.  

Plucked from a world of slavery and abuse and placed into one of freedom and warmth, Remy is having difficulties navigating his new environment. Trained to fear and submit, he keeps his head down and his mouth shut, and it’s going to take a lot more than kind words from his deceptively handsome new Master to convince him otherwise.

But not all are on board with Raenef’s rash move. When the Elders demands that he undo his “mistake,” Raenef must decide if his broken fledgling is worth the risk.

Lunch at Midnight is the third novel in the Himura Saga by Mariska Slieker. 

  • Genres:          Male/male Paranormal romance, urban fantasy,                                  vampires
  • Formats:         Paperback &  Ebook                               
  • Nr of pages:  349                                
  • ISBN:               1674890427
  • ASIN:               B082QZ5XPH
  • Language:       English

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