—–  Book five in the Himura Saga —–

To endure eternity, he first needs to find himself…

Remy has come a long way. From being hungry and homeless to abused and enslaved, to falling hopelessly in love with his Royal vampire Master. With each new change, he adapted, until he no longer recognizes himself in the mirror anymore.

In order to fulfill Raenef’s wish of him being his true self, Remy leaves the safe cocoon that is Raenef and ventures out on his own to find himself—with no money and no contact.

When rumors about the origins of Methuselah inspires an expedition to South America, a search for truths swiftly devolves into a dangerous misadventure. Lives hang perilously in the balance and the boundaries of friendships are pushed to the limit.


Tea at Twilight is the fifth novel in the Himura Saga by Mariska Slieker. 

  • Genres:          Male/male Paranormal romance, urban fantasy,                                vampires
  • Formats:         Paperback &  Ebook and available i nKindle Unlimited                            
  • Nr of pages:  362                                           
  • ASIN:               B091L8S1T6         
  • Language:       English