This is an excerpt of Breakfast at Dusk, book 2 in the Himura Saga.

BE AWARE: This scene contains a sex scene between two male characters.



“Are you sure you’ve got this? Maybe we should ask the Emmerson’s if they can prepa—” Eclipse started.

“—I’ve got this! You go back to work. I’ve got the recipe, I’ve got the ingredients, what could possibly go wrong?”

“Okay, but don’t mess up Raenef’s kitchen. I’ll see you in a few hours,” Eclipse said before rushing to his office. Sullivan had already texted him twice about a mail he had to reply to.


Several hours later, Silas popped into his office. “Dinner’s almost ready.”

Eclipse motioned him to be quiet since he was in a teleconference but couldn’t help but smile when he saw the smear of chocolate on his fledgling’s face. He sauntered over to his fledgling, voice steady as he kept up his side of the conference. When the disembodied voice over the speaker talked, Eclipse dragged his tongue sinuously slow over Silas’ cheek, licking away the chocolate. “Hmm, sweet,” he whispered in his fledgling’s ear. He grinned when he could feel the boy swallow heavily. When Silas was about to speak though, Eclipse pressed a finger to his fledgling’s lips to remind him to keep quiet.

“I see what you mean, but it will not be effective enough to guarantee a decent return rate. We will need more than this,” Eclipse said out loud, picking up his conversation without missing a beat. He grinned at the soft groan from Silas’ throat.

But Silas wouldn’t be Silas without retaliating. Before Eclipse could step away, the boy slipped his lips around his finger and sucked, eyes never leaving his. Now it was Eclipse who groaned as his cock came alive as if hot-wired to his finger. When Silas released his finger, he thought his fledgling had had his fun, but when the boy slipped to his knees and undid his fly, Eclipse realized the boy had only just begun.

Without preamble, Silas took every last inch of his cock down his throat, never breaking eye contact. Eclipse had to bite his tongue not to moan out loud.

“Mister Himura?” the disembodied voice of his director of acquisitions asked, having noticed his silence no doubt.

Eclipse cleared his throat while trying hard not to gaze into those mesmerizing and taunting eyes fixated on his. Eyes that had made him fall in love at first sight. “Yes, I’m still here. I—We need more information before making a final decision. There is too much… ah~hht stake here,” he added while glaring at his fledgling who knew just how to keep his attention on his cock rather than his conference. Deciding he needed more from his fledgling and less of his acquisition manager, he made quick work of the conference call. “Isaac, I need the information first before I can make a decision. Contact Sullivan when you’ve got all we need, and we’ll schedule another meeting.”

Within seconds the conference call was over and he pulled his fledgling up by a firm grip on his hair.

“That was naughty, even for you my little street rat. Haven’t you learned by now that your actions have consequences?”

But Silas didn’t seem impressed and only pressed himself closer against his body.

“Eager aren’t we?” Eclipse murmured while licking up his fledgling’s jugular, a hint of fang scraping against the sensitive skin. Enough to make the boy a quivering mess. “You know what I do with naughty boys like you? I bend them over my desk and fuck their brains out.”

Silas flushed a nice bright red, something he loved. No matter how many times they had sex by now, he still blushed like a virgin whenever he talked dirty to the boy. A feat that turned him on immensely. Without further ado, he picked the boy up by his ass and dropped him unceremoniously on his desk, all while kissing him.

Eager hands were already gripping at his clothes, trying to get to his naked skin. Not in the mood to be hampered by undressing, he pressed Silas’ hands above his own head. Pinned to the desk, legs wrapped around Eclipse’s lower back, the only movement Silas could make was to arch his back to get more friction on his already leaking cock. Exactly how Eclipse loved it; Eager and desperate for more.

After a quick rub with the lube he kept at hand in his office, he wasted no more time, slipped Silas’ pants down just enough and entered him in one hard thrust. Silas bit his lip, not wanting to make any sound, but Eclipse had none of it and kept his pace up. Making sure to hit his fledgling’s sweet spot on every deep thrust until the boy was screaming in please under him.

“That’s a good boy. Let me hear you beg for more.”

Silas came in a soundless scream, back arched so high it looked like it might snap. Eclipse wasn’t too far behind; The image of his fledgling in the throws of passion combined with the boy’s ass tightening around his cock, enough to spend himself deep inside his fledgling. Before he could pull out, Silas kissed him before pressing his forehead against his. “More.”

Not one to disappoint Eclipse grinned and started moving again, this time determined to take his time.

“I’m going to make you scream,” he whispered huskily in his fledgling’s ear.


A wailing sound pierced the office. “Okay, not the screaming I had in mind,” Eclipse said.

“What the—” Silas said covering his ears with his hands.

For a second they merely looked at each other, until it dawned on Eclipse what the noise was. “Fuck, it’s the fire alarm!”

“Merde, the casserole!” Silas realized.


They ran downstairs only to see billowing smoke already coming from the private kitchen. As they came down the stairs the remaining staff came running from their wing of the house. Eclipse threw open the kitchen door only to be met with flames and even more smoke. Instructing the staff and Silas to stay back, he entered the kitchen alone. Being a Fire Elemental, he gathered his Mana and used it to manipulate the flames and extinguish them before they could spread even further.

Half an hour later they stood in a still smokey, blackened kitchen. “How could you be so stupid to leave the gas on!” Eclipse said.

“Oy, don’t blame this on me! You’re the one who distracted me! I only came in to tell you dinner was almost ready!”

“So this is MY fault! Destroying Raenef’s kitchen was the one thing I told you not to do.”

“And you think I’d listened?! Whose fault is that?”

“—Ahum, whoever’s fault it is, if you think I will clean this mess, you’ve got another thing coming,” Mrs. Emmerson, the head of the housekeeping said. “And I’d make sure the kitchen is back to how you found it, or your brother will not be pleased.”

“Fuck, Raenef!” Eclipse and Silas chorused. In the chaos, they had forgotten about him, but Mrs. Emmerson was right. The kitchen was Raenef’s baby, and he was very proud of it.

“He’s going to kill us, isn’t he?” Silas said.

“Not ‘us’. ‘You’,” Eclipse pointed out.

“Fuck you, if I’m going down, I’ll take you with me,” Silas said.

“As my fledgling, you are sworn to protect me.”

“Not against your own brother. I may be a couillon sometimes, I’m not suicidal.” He sighed, gripping his hair tight in despair. “Look, Raenef isn’t here, right? We can clean this all up, and he never needs to know about it.”

“Raenef is due home in two weeks! And this requires more than a mop and some cleaning wipes, we need to get in a professional cleaning company.”

“Get Sullivan to bring one in ASAP, I’m sure he has people like that on speed-dial.”

“On a weekend? With a bank holiday? There’s no way we can get them in and have everything cleaned before Raenef gets back,” Eclipse pointed out.

“We’re in trouble aren’t we?”

“Balls deep.”