Breakfast at Dusk is up for pre-order!

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It’s done! Finished! Finito! Klaar! 準備ができて! Well, you get the point.

But yes, it’s done, and is as of now available for pre-order (give or take 48 hours for Amazon to have it online) For those of you, who can’t wait that long, keep reading 😉


And then, all goes to hell.

Silas accusing Eclipse of his childhood friend’s disappearance may not have been his smartest move towards their budding relationship. His Bond with the sexy vampire is further pushed to its limits when harsh words fly, truths come to light about what really happened on a moonlit night, and war is breaking out—Obviously none of it Silas’ fault.

Can Silas overcome the obstacles thrown his way? Or will he screw everything up like he normally does?

Breakfast at Dusk is the second novel in the Himura Saga by Mariska Slieker. If you like M/M paranormal romance, witty humor, and sexy vampires, this will have you turning the pages!